About Florida Venture Capital Program

In connection with the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 and the State Small Business Credit Initiative, the Florida Opportunity Fund’s Florida Venture Capital Program was created to provide funding to emerging Florida companies (or companies locating in Florida) with perceived long-term growth potential. The Florida Venture Capital Program will seek to:

  1. Invest in and grow emerging Florida businesses;
  2. Enhance Florida’s job creation efforts;
  3. Increase investment capital in Florida through partnerships with existing Florida venture capital firms and attracting co-investment from regional and national investment firms; and
  4. Generate long-term capital appreciation for future redeployment.

The Florida Venture Capital Program will target equity investments and convertible debt instruments ranging from $1,000,000 - $3,000,000, although larger transactions may be permitted in exceptional cases. Investment emphasis will be toward businesses within Florida’s targeted industries, which include:

Cluster of Innovation Overview
Aerospace & Aviation Florida has a long and established tradition of aerospace and aviation. Florida ranks third in the nation in employement in the industry.
Alternative & Clean Energy Technology Florida's increased focus on alternative energy generation and the local development of clean technologies present attractive opportunities for investors.
Financial & Professional Services Designated as a high impact sector for the State, nearly 90% of Florida’s gross economic output is generated in the service sector.
Homeland Security & Defense Florida has one of the nation's largest homeland security and defense industries. In 2007, Florida companies won more than $10.3 billion in Department of Defense Prime Contract awards.
Information technology Florida ranks fourth in the U.S. in high-tech employment and third in volume of IT exports.
Life Sciences The industry is gaining momentum as leading organizations -- Scripps, Torrey Pines and Burnham -- establish facilities in Florida
Manufacturing Florida's manufacturing industries include traditional manufacturing industries as well as those that are engaged in breakthough technologies.

If you are interested in submitting an investment proposal to the Florida Opportunity Fund for consideration please click here. For questions or additional information on the Florida Venture Capital Program, please submit inquiries to Contact Us.

For additional details regarding each industry cluster please click here.