Investment Proposal

To help ensure an effective review of your investment proposal, the Florida Opportunity Fund asks that you submit an accurate and complete proposal, which, at a minimum includes the following:

  • Company Overview (suggested outline)
  • Business Plan
  • Financial Model
  • Technology White Paper(s)
  • List of Corporate Officers, Directors and Investors with Biographies
  • Key Members of the Technical Team with Biographies

If you are interested in submitting an investment proposal to the Florida Opportunity Fund for consideration please click here. For questions or additional information on the Florida Venture Capital Program, please submit inquiries to Contact Us.

Suggested Outline for Company Overview

A 10 – 20 page PowerPoint presentation summarizing the following:

  • Clearly define the product and its key attributes and benefits.
  • Clearly define the target market and customer.
  • Clearly define the value proposition to the customer (i.e. why will the customer buy and how does the product meet the needs of the customer).
  • Explain the size of the addressable market and specify the trends or issues in the market that make the product attractive at this time.
  • Detail the current and future competitors and explain the competitive advantage your product has relative to competitors - this may be features/functionality/attributes that you have that the competition does not have.
  • Explain the competitive barriers relative to the current and future competition, e.g. money/time invested, patents, unique people, ability to capture early market share, etc.
  • Identify the source of the technology, e.g. invented by the founders, licensed from an existing company, etc.
  • Define the key milestones for the company, such as a prototype, field tests, Beta product, or product release.
  • Include three-years of historical financials (if applicable) and three-years of top-level financial projections with specific detail on capital requirements and potential near-term revenue sources.
  • Detail existing capital structure, including existing shareholders, amount invested to date, and current operating status.