Florida Venture Capital Program

Provides funding to emerging or early growth stage companies with long-term growth potential in select target industries. More info

Fund of Funds Program

Created to invest in seed or early-stage venture capital fund portfolios and/or companies in order to realize significant, long-term capital appreciation. More info

Clean Energy Investment Program

Venture capital funding for businesses to increase the use of energy-efficient and/or renewable energy technologies, equipment and materials. More info

Florida Opportunity Fund

The Florida Opportunity Fund’s fund of funds program was created to realize significant long-term capital appreciation by identifying and investing in a diversified, high-quality portfolio of seed and early stage venture capital funds that target (in whole or in part) investment opportunities within Florida.

Legislation passed by the Florida Legislature in 2007, which created Sections 288.9621-288.9625 of the Florida Statutes collectively referred to as the Florida Capital Formation Act, provided for the creation of the Florida Opportunity Fund (“FOF” or the “Fund”), initially as a fund of funds program that invests in venture capital funds. In 2009, The Florida Legislature expanded the Florida Opportunity Fund’s mandate under the Florida Capital Formation Act to create direct investment programs that invest in businesses and infrastructure projects.

The Florida Opportunity Fund has a five-member Board of Directors. The FOF receives investment management services since July 2022 from DeepWork Capital.